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I’m Julie, an industrial relations lawyer from Sydney. I love learning and discovering new things. Travelling gives me the opportunity to do just that and is one of the reasons I spent 2015 living and working in South Korea. I enjoy taking photos, editing videos and learning to code. Here you’ll find photos and videos of my travels as well as practical info and resources to help you plan your trip. Many of the posts will be Korea-related but I’ll also be covering destinations I’ve been to in the past and those I’ll be visiting in the future.

I’m a huge fan of slow travel – if you’re interested to know what it’s all about, Denise Pulis of theartofslowtravel.com put it best in ‘What is Slow Travel?‘. I also like to travel cheaply and spend hours before any trip searching for good deals. If I come across something I really like, you will know about it!

Feel free to ask me any questions or drop me a line.

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