South Korea

Busan, South Korea

Busan, South Korea A couple of days in Busan with my bf, sister and her partner. Busan is extremely humid during the summer so avoid travelling then (July/August) if you can!  

Boseong Green Tea Fields

Boseong Green Tea Fields These green tea fields at Daehan Dawon Tea Plantation are stunning – definitely a must-visit! Transport – Catching the bus was a little inconvenient from Goseong as we had to transfer twice. If you’re unsure about your route to Boseong, my post Getting around Korea may help. This video features music from available under a Royalty Free License Agreement.          

Seoul Summer

Summer in Seoul After 5 months in South Korea, my boyfriend Luke, my sister and her partner flew over from Sydney.  It was one friggin hot summer but we managed to get through it! Below is a video of our time together in Seoul- check out our sweaty faces… A video of my summer break in Seoul, 2015. Food Photos by Luke This video features music from the YouTube Audio Library. – Aurora Borealis by Bird Creek – Far Away by MK2 – Malmo Sunrise by The 126ers Interested in the DMZ tour? You might want to check out […]

Banking in Korea with KEB & NH

BANKING IN KOREA WITH KEB & NH Expat banking in South Korea can be extremely stressful… Language barriers, onerous security requirements and the lack of expat-friendly products/services are just the start. Withdrawing and transferring money locally was easy, it was the process of getting online access to my accounts and overseas remittance that offered the biggest headaches. The thought of visiting the bank alone (particularly with NH) often made me cringe, hours and days before… you get the point. After about 8 months in Korea, I finally worked up the courage to open up a bank account on my own, this time with KEB. It was smooth […]

Korean Apartment Tour & Where to Shop!

KOREAN APARTMENT TOUR & WHERE TO SHOP! This is a video tour I made of my apartment after 5 months of living in Goseong, Gyeongsangnam-do. When I first walked into my apartment with my co-teacher I was shocked as the place was basically empty – no bed, no table, no chair, no kitchen supplies whatsoever. There was an old TV, a washing machine, refrigerator and stove. Luckily, prior to leaving Sydney I ordered a duvet and pillows on Gmarket (via my recruiter) which was sent to my school in advance, so I had that to sleep on for the night. If you’re […]

Ship your belongings

LEAVING KOREA: SHIP YOUR BELONGINGS It’s time to leave Korea. Despite efforts to be a minimalist, I’ve accumulated quite a bit of stuff over the year… I sent all my belongings home as ‘surface mail’ (by sea) using Korea Post. It is way cheaper than engaging the services of companies like ‘World Baggage‘ or to send as airmail. The first box I shipped home to Sydney weighed 15kg – it cost me 49,000 won (A$57) and will take 50 – 70 days to arrive. KOREA POST OPENING HOURS Postal Services: Monday to Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm. Financial Services: Monday to Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COSTS The heavier […]

Hongdo Island

SOUTH JEOLLA PROVINCE, SOUTH KOREA 28 September 2015 The rock formations that surround Hongdo Island are absolutely breathtaking! If you’re not going to take a boat tour (22,000 won, 2 hours) to see them, I’d give Hongdo a miss. Few things about the tour: The boat tour runs twice a day but during Chuseok, there was only one at 12:20pm. The tour commentary was only in Korean. For photos, best to walk towards the stern and shotgun a seat on your left-hand side. Towards the end of the tour, live fish were sliced and served for 35,000 won a plate. HOW DO I GET THERE? It’s a […]

Goseong Bus Schedule

GOSEONG BUS TERMINAL: BUS SCHEDULE Updated as at January 2016 Below is the bus schedule as displayed at Goseong Bus Terminal (with destination names translated into English). The official website of Goseong County in Gyeongsangnam-do does provide the bus schedule for local and intercity buses but it hasn’t been updated for while. I would only refer to that schedule to get a rough idea of the travel time and bus fare (see further below for up-to-date bus fares for popular destinations) USEFUL INFO If you can’t find a bus heading to your destination, look into transferring buses at Jinju, Masan, Changwon or Tongyeong bus terminals. The […]

Jinju Intercity Bus Schedule

JINJU INTERCITY BUS TERMINAL: SCHEDULE Updated as at January 2016 Below is the schedule taken directly from the Jinju Bus Terminal website with the destinations translated into English. I was thrilled when I found this schedule (and could understand most of it…) as Jinju Bus Terminal services many cities in Korea and was my main transfer terminal. Given I relied heavily on this schedule, I figured someone will appreciate the translated version – so here it is! To obtain the schedule for other intercity bus terminals, see “Getting Around Korea“.

Heuksando Island

SOUTH JEOLLA PROVINCE, SOUTH KOREA 28 SEPTEMBER 2015 I can’t say I know Heuksando Island too well even though I stayed overnight. I had arrived early in the evening, went 20 metres inland and checked myself into a motel (30,000 won). I decided against hopping on the local bus as the chances of getting myself lost after dark were extremely high. Instead, I sat by the water and read a book. There was a decent-sized grocery store and CU convenience store on the island, both within walking distance from the ferry terminal. Restaurants offered seafood and I believe, only seafood, so I opted for cup noodles at CU. The […]

Getting around Korea

The public transport system in Korea makes it easy and convenient for you to travel anywhere! To get around within popular cities like Seoul, Busan or Daegu, you can catch the subway and/or local bus and if you need to travel intercity, the KTX (Korean Train Express) can probably get you there. If, however, you are heading to an area that is not serviced by the KTX/other train or prefer a cheaper alternative, consider intercity buses. There does not exist a national site (in English, that I know of) that serves as a one-stop source for all intercity bus information. In fact, you’ll probably […]