Sydney Apartment Tour

Hello! As I’ll be moving out soon, I thought I’d do a little tour of my apartment.

This is a super small studio with a shared bathroom in Darlinghurst, a 30 min walk or a 10 min bus ride to the city. It’s located in Darlinghurst, one of the best places to live in Sydney, within walking distance to a supermarket (Coles), gym, Kings Cross train station, bus stop, Rushcutters bay, a dog park, and countless amazing restaurants and cafes. I currently pay A$260 per week which includes all bills (no wifi).

While this studio is small, it worked well for me as I’m quite organised and trying my best to live minimally.

* hot and cold water flow from separate taps

* everything is within easy reach.
* I can get things done a lot quicker (eg. cooking, getting ready etc) than I normally would
* cleaning takes me only about than 10-15 minutes a week (dusting, wiping down windows and mirror, vacuuming and wiping floors)
* as the agent arranges for a cleaner to come in once a week to clean the shared bathroom, I only have to clean my private space. This saves me an hour or so each week!
* there’s a coin-operated washing machine on-premise $2 for 1hr cycle and 2 big clothes line out the back.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment! 🙂


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